Friday, November 14, 2008

Finding his religion

On the way to school today, Connor asked if we could go to church. I asked him "church, as in, school" - because his school is located in a church. "No. I want to go to church." As I related the conversation to Ed tonight he looked at me and said "uh...that's your department". I'm actually not so sure it is my department. Any volunteers out there?


  1. We'd be happy to take him but the commute would be a pain.

  2. Ugh, not me. I can't figure out how I'm going to explain why some kids sit on Santa's lap and some don't. I was hoping her school would help us, but, uh, they plan to have a Santa at the holiday party!

  3. You don't even need to ask. We can at least do a visit to our church next time you're out here and Esther will introduce him to Fr. Stack and Deacon Neal.