Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Before Ed and I embarked on our journey with children, we declared (with an air of naiveté only people without children can have) that under no circumstance, would we allow ourselves to become those over-scheduled parents who spend their whole lives figuring out how to get their kids from point A to point B. OK, I’ll give every seasoned parent who just spit their morning coffee onto their computer as they shouted “HA” a moment to wipe their screens off.

OK, that should be enough time.

I have just sat at the computer flipping between websites for two indoor playgrounds and the County to figure out which flippin’ music / movement class I will put Connor and Helen in and trying to decide whether I would also put them in swim lessons, not to mention getting tickets to a puppet show for Connor and me, penciling in our trip to the paint-your-own pottery studio, and figuring out whether I should go ahead and book a few other theatre events that I’m planning to take Connor to. Sheesh. Maybe I should not enroll them in anything so they can finish handcrafting my Christmas cards!


  1. I so TOTALLY could have written that. Especially the part about having two windows open and flipping between them to look at two different schedules. Totally.

  2. I know. It's ridiculous! I'm sorry that I totally contributed to it too. Hey, Miss Helen looked pretty awesome with that crayon in her hand doodling away.

  3. Helen is srawing, I am impressed. thank you for these 2 wonderful pictures.
    I still find that too many activities is crazy but I know I will get there as well, I won't be able to resist too long.