Monday, November 10, 2008

White pumpkin

I've heard about people who dreamed of a White Christmas, but until Connor and Ed set out with paintbrush in one hand and old housepaint in the other, I never thought about a White Halloween. If it ever becomes popular, Connor is ready.

Connor would like to leave his masterpiece on the front lawn until all the paint washes off. I would like to get it removed ASAP so no vermin decide to munch on it, given that it has already begun to rot. I think we know who will win this disagreement - if only because I'm able to haul it out to the trash on Thursday and it's too big for him to haul back!


  1. We had "ghost pumpkins" this year, a cream colored pumpkin same shape as the orange ones but 5Xs the cost!

  2. We had those last year and I loved them. This year the seeds failed at "our farm" so none was to be had. No difference in price - you'll have to come down next year Silvia!