Monday, March 10, 2014

Valentine's Day

Our traditional exchange of homemade valentines happened again this year. Connor and Helen also diligently worked to make cards for each of their classmates. At Helen's school, Valentine's Day was a planned day off, so there was no official card exchange (so sad), but she still worked with Ed to make valentines for each member of her class. Ed had no idea when he made his great pop-out valentines last year that Helen would request they be mass produced by him this year! But she did.

And so they set about first drawing, then coloring, then cutting, and finally pasting about 20 cards together. They did bring a lot of smiles to Helen's classmates and friends. Connor made Star Wars themed cards with pixie sticks, I made valentines with snowflakes with messages like "I love you SNOW much!", Ed created puzzles for everyone, and our au pair crafted hers out of toilet paper roll tubes. If there had been a contest for fanciest valentine, our au pair would've won.

But that was just the tip of our valentine crafting this year!

We also had a painting day, and when the paintings dried - we cut them into hearts and hung them by the fireplace.

We decorated heart shaped cookies for our neighbors and a few out of town friends.

And finally, my favorite craft of the season were these heart shaped candles. We pressed them out of beeswax, stacked the sheets together, and then strung a candlewick through them after poking a hole through the stacked wax hearts with a bamboo skewer.


We never did burn the candles all the way down. I can't decide whether to leave them out for spring or to squirrel them away for next Valentine's Day!


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