Thursday, March 28, 2013

Strange Letters and Homemade Valentines

Our family agreed to exchange homemade valentines this year. Here's what we all came up with!

The first one I received arrived in my post box. I was almost afraid to open it, and I most certainly did not open it before Valentine's Day! The sender was sure I couldn't tell who sent it, because rather than addressing it to "mom", he addressed it to a misspelled version of my name. Tricky.

Helen decided to use nearly ever inch of my ever-so-precious hand dyed (with natural dyes!) red felt (it's my sign of true love to you, Helen). Red is an extremely difficult color to get, but it's hard to say "work with the cheap stuff - or the easier colors, kid". Because I didn't have enough felt for four heart pouches, she made two of them a dark pink.

She carefully sewed two hearts together, making pouches for all of us. Her stitching is getting to be pretty impressive!

I decided to practice the long-lost art of quilling for my cards. Long ago, my sister and I learned how to take a little metal tool and make thin strips of paper into random shapes. I have no idea why I decided to revive this art, except I'm hoping to interest Connor in it to give him a fun way to work on his fine motor skills.

Ed got in on the action with pop-up cards, which were a huge hit.

Connor wasn't about to get crafty, but he was willing to find just about any way he could to sneak in more of his favorite cinnamon candy - so he wrapped some candy up for everyone (including himself).

Proving that he's not always mean to Helen, he actually wrapped up a candy for her that she would enjoy eating.


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