Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Snowmobiles and lost teeth

A few years ago, Ed went to Wyoming to ski with his dad. Before he went, I told him "do not, under any circumstances, decide to go snowmobiling in Yellowstone National Park. It is extremely bad for the environment." I might have even threatened him with eternal damnation. You see, one year when I debated in college, the topic was the environment. Another school ran a case to end snowmobiling in Yellowstone and it is the only absolutely true case I ever heard. Really.

I might as well have said "Ed, snowmobiling in Yellowstone is completely awesome. You cannot miss it!" because the first question I asked Ed when he got home was whether he had done this dirty deed, and he said yes. Followed by "and now I understand why you're so against it because it is an environmental disaster". In fact, the company he went with tried to convince him to sign a petition to avoid coming regulations. I'm pretty sure he didn't sign it.

Fast forward many years. We're in Steamboat Springs, Colorado wondering how to spend an off-day skiing. We decided to go snowmobiling, but only after I confirmed the engines are made differently now and they are no longer the disaster they used to be.

Connor started out riding on the back of Grandpa Dick's snowmobile.

Helen started out on the back of mine, but that didn't last long because it was obvious to me that if we hit one bump, she'd be flying. So I wedged her in front of me, and we were off!
We reached a point in the trip where we were in a huge open field, covered by a foot of undisturbed snow. At this point, the guide announced "parents always hate this part, because I tell everyone that kids can drive if they want". And of course, Connor was on my snowmobile at this point, so I got the wild man driver. I almost had a heart attack when we rounded a few corners at top speed.
When we finished this part of the trip, I got off the snowmobile to reground myself. It was at this point that I mentioned to Ed if there was any other opportunity for small people driving, he was getting Connor. My heart is just not that strong.
As I started to remount the snowmobile, Connor said "Wait! My tooth!" and there, on the seat of the snowmobile was another lost tooth. Connor loves telling this story.


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