Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Numbers...and Possibilities

Connor and I were eating lunch last weekend and we started talking about numbers. Connor particularly loves very large numbers, though I wouldn't say he knows much about them. We started talking about careers one might pursue if they wanted to work with very large numbers - including physics and astronomy.

That led to a discussion about trying to find life in other parts of the universe. Connor thought it might be fun to do an experiment trying to figure out if life existed elsewhere. One way to do that experiment, he reasoned, would be to develop a spaceship that would search for life. Then he noted that he might be the person that designed the experiment, but that he'd probably never get to see the outcome of the experiment, because by the time the spaceship got far enough away to find other life forms, he would have die of old age.

Admittedly, I was briefly blown away by the knowledge that:

(1) Connor recognizes he will someday die.
(2) Connor imagines the possibility of the universe being so big that he could travel as fast as possible and still not get to where he's going in a lifetime.

Not bad for a 7 year old.


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