Friday, March 8, 2013

Ski Vacation - Part 1

We've been in Steamboat Springs, Colorado since Saturday - and the mountain and town are just about as I remember them from several years ago. We left our own home to a contractor who has done loads of work for us since the time we moved in, and look forward to having two remodeled bathrooms when we return. Or at least having close to two bathrooms. The vanity for one bathroom never arrived (ack!) and the other bathroom apparently crumbled into a bajillion pieces when work on the ceiling began. Not surprising - but causing slight delays in completion, possibly.

When last we left Steamboat, Connor was four years old, delighting in crushing the competition on a little race course with cones set up for ski school. His trick? Slow and steady - let the other kids fall down. This year? Connor was in the older age group for ski school, and skiied so hard on Wednesday that he fell asleep before dinner - and didn't wake until 7:00 the next morning. His teacher was not surprised when we ran into him on the mountain the following day.

I was hoping to snag video of Helen racing on the same little race course that Connor raced on, but she adapted so well to skiing that she quickly got promoted two levels of lessons and is now skiing down a trail that is 3 miles long. Repeatedly! She also learned the two rules of riding the chairlift: no jumping off; no falling asleep.

Connor and Helen started the week insisting that they not be forced to go to ski school, and after one day, were delighted to go back two more days. Just as I remember from last time, these ski instructors rock. We ran into both of the kids at different times on the mountain, and every time the instructor was full of enthusiasm, joking with the kids, and making sure they were having a blast - while also working on some pretty tough ski skills. Well done, all around!

After three days of lessons, my plan was to ski with Connor for the day, while Ed and his dad skied together. But Helen was so excited to show us her favorite run, and she knows how exhausted she is at the end of the day, that she ended up skiing with us today as well rather than going to a lesson. For most of the day, Ed and I each took one child which worked out well. Connor likes to show-off on the blue trails, and Helen can't handle them yet - though her teacher took her on a few yesterday.

My little speed racer.
I figure I have two to three more years of being a better skier than Connor. Wish me luck that I don't break any knees trying to keep up with him!


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  1. Oh, I'm delighted to read this. So glad all of you are having a good time.