Monday, March 25, 2013

We were leprechaunED - again!

For the second year in a row, that clever little leprechaun visited us in the middle of the night, making a bit of a mess, and leaving a trail of clues for Connor and Helen to follow. Here's the trail of clues Connor and Helen found this year.

Again,  Helen and Connor had to figure out the word in ALLCAPS. Although only Connor could read the clues, Helen deciphered a fair number of them. They had a great time. The first clue was one that they both found in the traps they had set but had been sprung - with no leprechaun caught! Connor already has plans to fortify his trap for next year.

You tried and tried,
to catch me once more.
If you want a clue,
look on your front DOOR.
We ride in this from near to far,
To find the next clue, look in the seat of the CAR.
The next clue I think will be the third.
To look for it, go to the house of the BIRD.
To find the next clue, you must use your head.
Then look underneath a pillow on mom's BED.
(how did that get there without me even noticing?)

To get the next one, you must really think.
Now go and look in the bathroom SINK.

A new sink I see, I like it a lot.
Now go and look under dad's cooking POT.

This hunt I'm afraid, has come to an end.
Just look one more place, where the mail you SEND.

They didn't get that leprechaun's gold, but they did get a few gold coins and some gold and green chocolates. Happy St. Patrick's Day, all. Hope it was a good one.


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