Tuesday, March 19, 2013

King Penguins

Connor's class wraps up a unit on animals soon. Each child was tasked with picking an animal and writing a one page report about the animal. Accompanying their report is a diorama showing the habitat of the animal.

Connor chose King Penguins. This turned out to be an excellent choice for several reasons.

(1) I love penguins, instantly making this Connor's coolest homework assignment to date.
(2) King Penguins live in Antarctica. How hard could it be to recreate Antarctica?
(3) I have a book on how to needle felt animals, and a penguin in on the front cover. Score!

This might be the first project that has actually interested Connor. He was inspired to write three pages of text - which is unusual for him. Connor is very much a "meet the minimum" kind of guy, especially when it comes to writing assignments. He also couldn't wait to start on the project, and kept reminding me that he wanted to work on it.

He acquired a shoebox from his never worn soccer shoes. This pristine pair of shoes arrived the day after Connor broke his arm, and now his feet have grown. Hopefully Helen will wear them, and if not some child on a soccer team will score a brand new pair of shoes from me.

He set about painting the box so that it was covered in snow. He added a little mating and hunting ground and voila - King Penguin habitat! He also did most of the work on needle felting and wet felting a penguin - and he didn't even stab me during the process, which is a huge win for my fingers. I tidied the bird up a bit as we went along. Finally, he added some plastic ice cubes from an Angry Birds eraser set.

He can't wait to show off his report to everyone - which includes a color illustration on the front cover!


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  1. That is a pretty awesome little diorama! (Almost as awesome as his cheesy toothless grin!)