Tuesday, March 18, 2014

That Stinkin' Leprechaun!

It happened again.

Connor and Helen set traps to catch the leprechaun, but rather than foiling it, they were led on a roundabout hunt for gold. He's getting pretty tricky!

This year's hunt started with the Leprechaun swiping the golden / chocolate coins from each of the traps. He left these notes.

Thanks for the candy
Don't you know about leprechaun luck?
We're much too clever
To ever get stuck!
Followed by:
A second trap?
Think you can catch me?
I'll just eat this candy

Go in the bathroom and _____.
 I was just thankful he chose the children's bathroom instead of mine. I don't like green pee!

When they got to the bathroom, they found this note:

It's nice to be back
The year went by so quick
To start your quest
Look on the porch under a ______.
There was some debate about whether it was the front or back porch, but eventually they made it to the back porch, and with a little help from Ed, uncovered another note.
Not even close -
You're not as smart as you think.
If you want to keep trying
Look in the basement under the ______.
Down the stairs our intrepid searchers went, only to find this:
You'll never get me
Haven't you learned?
The next clue is where
Your dinner gets ___________.

I had just flipped on the oven to bake muffins, but luckily our leprechaun had thought of this, and put the next clue in a storage drawer of the oven, not the actual oven. Phew!

Now the hunt gets hard
If you want to stay on the trail
Put on your coat
Look under a blue box where you send ________.
As it turns out, our mailbox is blue, as is the federal mailbox down the street. Connor and Helen rushed out to the front porch, and when Connor realized the clue was not at our house, he came inside and muttered "Stinkin' leprechaun!".
And for good reason! It snowed over 6 inches last night! Helen was a bit nervous about getting lost in the snow, so Connor cleared her a path.

Yes - that is our street. On MARCH 17. I am so over snow I cannot even express it.

You made it this far
You came through the snow
Now back to the shed
By the tool your dad uses to ___________.

It took a couple of tries to figure out where in the shed the mower was, but once they found it, Connor and Helen sensed the end was nigh.

I'm starting to tire.
You'll find the treasure
In the place you build a _______.

We ate dinner on very fancy paper plates that Helen had found at the grocery store the week before with Ed. 
And that's a wrap for St. Patrick's Day for us. The kids have vowed to use even stickier tape next year so they have a better shot at capturing that little green man.
Cheers, all!

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