Tuesday, March 27, 2012

We were leprechaunED!

A week before St. Patrick's Day, I suggested to Ed that we do something funny for the kids to mark the event. Since leprechauns don't make the cut on things that get discussed at a Waldorf school, this was Connor's first exposure to the idea. I presumed his class would do something and indeed, they were busy setting traps and talking about all the messes the leprechaun made when I came to volunteer on Friday.

Connor was definitely excited. I had suggested he write a note to the leprechaun to see if the leprechaun would come to our house for the first time ever. We talked about the note, but I don't think it ever got written. Missed writing opportunity! Crap!

On Friday night, I went out with some friends, and Ed came up with a game for the leprechaun to leave for the kids. Then, Saturday morning, they built traps all over the house. Finally, on Saturday night, Ed set up the game and all that was left was all the laughing that ensued on Sunday morning. There was so much laughter, in fact, that Ed didn't take advantage of his sleep-in day and instead came out to see the fun.

Here is the leprechaun game that Ed created. Helen and Connor had to figure out the word in ALLCAPS. Although only Connor could read the clues, Helen deciphered a fair number of them. They had a great time.

Ed cut out paper clovers, and wrote the following poems:

You and I will have good times.
To follow a clue, pick a word that rhymes.

Then, he sprung one of the leprechaun traps. I sewed a tiny shoe and left it in the trap to make it look like the leprechaun had just barely gotten away.

You can't catch me, I'm much too quick. 
To find a clue, look on the porch for a (STICK).

OK - on second thought, starting the game by giving your children a big stick may not have been the best idea.

The next clue if really grand.
I love to play and dig in the (SAND).

Helen was going to beat that little booger if she got close enough.

You have almost found my treasure.
Next look in the place where your height we (MEASURE).

At about this point, Connor looked at me and made me tell him I had nothing to do with all this fuss, and indeed, I didn't!

You can't trap me, I'm much too wee.
Next look in the bathroom at the place you (PEE).

(This clue really sealed the deal for Connor that I was not involved because he knows I would never write such crass language. At least that's what I have him believing! I was suitably disdainful of the word choice.)
Will you ever find me? Well, maybe.
Look in the bed of a small (BABY).

The next clue is really neat.
Look under a booster (SEAT).

You can't find me, you are too slow.
To find some gold, look near the rain(BOW).

Our players were really stumped by this clue. I have lots of glass stars hanging in our dining room / play area windows, so Connor posited that we'd have to wait until the sun was shining through them to see the rainbows. 
But with a little prompting, Helen remembered where we have a rainbow at all times in our house.
Gold dollar coins! Woohoo!

The leprechaun also peed green in the toilet which is funnier than you can imagine, and also not that noticeable to a 6 year old boy since Connor actually flushed without noticing it, so Ed had to remake the water green.

Happy St. Patrick's Day, everyone!


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