Thursday, March 1, 2012

The Golden Diner

Connor is not very fond of writing, so I try and trick him into doing it whenever I can. I suggested he create a diner and told him I would serve as cook some evening. Since Connor's favorite meal is breakfast, he naturally chose a breakfast theme. Little does he know that there are diners everywhere with an identical motif. Some day, I'll take him to one just to blow his mind away.

First, he designed the menu. I'm not sure what the top picture is, except maybe a dinosaur eating a train? The bottom panel is a picture of happy diners and me, the chef, flipping pancakes to them. I have mad cooking skillz, I assure you, but the evening didn't go down exactly like this.

Next came the inside of the menu. Can you tell what Connor likes to eat? Hint: it starts with "J". We

"DINNER: Pancakes Jelly; Waffles Jelly; French toast Jelly; BlueBerry Muffins; eggs; Sausage"
Then, it was time for the helpers to come help. Helen stirred pancake / waffle batter while Connor carefully wrote down each order.

Then Connor tasted the first pancakes and deemed them good and ready to serve.

Mmmm...first plate at the Golden Diner is served!
Once Helen's stirring duties were over, she became our server. No plates were dropped, which I think makes this effort a huge success.

Bon Appetit!


  1. I don't care if they write, I just want them to cook for me. Do you think they'll do that?

    1. If it only involves an Easy Bake oven or no oven at all, they'd be happy to comply.

  2. I've got someone with the same jelly issues. 14 = 6 in the world of jelly love. Maybe Connor would love Justin Bieber too if we follow jelly logic.

    1. I'd be thrilled if Connor ended up like Anna - JB and all.