Thursday, March 29, 2012

Boy Scouts

Some morning last week, Connor crawled into my bed and announced that the boy scouts were having a banquet, and I was invited. I told him I wasn't going because I didn't like the boy scouts. He thought I was kidding. You can read this post, authored by my friend Jean, to understand why I wasn't kidding.

In disbelief, Connor asked me if I really didn't like the Boy Scouts and I told him I really didn't like the boy scouts.

Helen chimed in "I know why you don't like the boy scouts. It's because it's for BOYS, right?". Because that is why Helen doesn't like the boy scouts. She doesn't like anything that excludes her.

I resisted letting Helen and Connor know why I don't like the boy scouts, and I told Connor that of course I would attend his banquet, but only because I love him. I even silently promised not to protest them. I did, however, leave the banquet a little early because that was the night I had planned to do 108 sun salutations at a nearby yoga studio, and I was not going to miss this incredible opportunity for the boy scouts.

By the night of the banquet, Helen had decided with the right outfit, she could probably join the troop. Can you spot the impostor below?

On my honor, I have no idea why my mom actually hates the boy scouts, but when I find out, I promise to start a revolution from within. Yeah!

Look for me at your next camp-out, boys!

Connor has now graduated from being a Tiger Scout to a Wolf Scout. Here's him getting his patch that I'll have to sew on at some point.

Woohoo! Another patch! Awesome!
For the record, I only missed the portion of the event where boys walk over a bridge to some new level of scouting. I was there for all of Connor's awards. Also for the record, I completed my sun salutations and it was as fantastic as I thought it would be, even though my thigh muscles were sore for a few days. It was the perfect way to welcome Spring!



  1. woah this is news to me.
    Rachel has been bugging us to become a girl scout and I'll have to do more thinking about it now.
    Love the picture of Helen.
    108 sun salutations, that's admirable! Congrats

  2. I had commented on Jean's post back when she had written it (long live DCMM), and my feelings still hold true. I really dislike BSA's focus on religion, and I HATE their policies on homosexuality. That said, my son has been a cub turned boy scout for 6 years now, and we just ignore the parts I don't agree with. He has never participated in the "day of worship" and we've had family discussions about homosexuality and our views on that. His pack/troop has never incorporated religious practices into meetings and events (aside from when they do a week camping trip at a scout-run campground in southern VA and lead every meal with a Christian prayer, gah!). He gets more out of the program than I value upholding my beliefs.

    Rachel et Natalie - Girl Scouts are a separate org from Boy Scouts, and I don't think they're as intolerant.

    1. De - this makes me feel much better.

  3. Drew just received his Bear and Phil went all the way to Life in Boy Scouts. I agree with De. There has never been any push of religion except for a prayer at camp outs and a short (very short) boy said prayer at the meetings. The boys have the OPTION of getting the religious knot badge but it is not mandatory. The good has out weighed the bad for both of our boys. THere are some diehards but in our pack everyone keeps their opinions to themselves. We have discussions on the other topics and our own beliefs at home. My only complaint are teh popcorn sales!

  4. Girl Scouts is nothing like Boy Scouts. We've been in trouble all year for inclusion. These bridging ceremonies (at least that's what we call them in GS) and dinners are a huge deal in Boy Scouts. No one can force something on your kid if they have a solid moral compass from home. It's easy to say you disagree with some of their guidelines without saying you don't like your kid's activity. Boy Scouts provide great opportunities for boys despite some biased ideals on the national level. Pardon the lack of separations here. Technology isn't cooperating.

  5. Regardless of everything, you have a very cute little Boy Scout and a very cute imposter. It sounds like you're right where I am with the Boy Scouts. I told Alex that if he wants to do them with our kiddos that he can, but that I will not facilitate it or be involved. Which means that they will never join. Because I doubt that Alex will pull it together to register them. Everybody wins!

    1. Normally I can count on this for a win as well, but for some reason, Ed actually registered. Grrr...

  6. Thankfully, David isn't interested and I am not bringing it up.