Friday, March 2, 2012

I Survived First Grade Boys' Night - and So Did All the Boys!

About a month ago, I had the great idea that Connor could invite the boys in his class over. Because we're new at the school, I'm never quite sure if my ideas are good or odd, so I asked a super nice mom in Connor's class what she thought, and she said 'go for it'. She also noted that Saturdays work better because kids get so tired from the long week of school. This all made sense to me, but before I got around to organizing the evening, every Saturday was booked.

Thursday and Friday were days off from school this week, so I decided Thursday would be the day (because it's kind of like Saturday when you don't have school on Thursday and Friday, I reasoned). Thankfully, it was gorgeous outside, and even though Connor wanted to play xBox (an item we won a while back, that I recently broke out to entertain visiting neices) the boys were happy to run around in the backyard. Sadly, they wanted to play football, which is a game Connor doesn't know how to play. He can play soccer, but it took a while to convince the others that soccer should be the game of choice. Tears were involved, but not too many. They also played in our neighbor's treehouse and played capture the flag before spending about a half hour in front of the TV playing games we borrowed from our neighbor. Did I mention I have the best neighbors in the universe?

There was one injury - but thankfully it was the child of a mom who stayed to help out and she took care of it. The kids ate the pizza, downed some juice and water, and played hard until their parents arrived. At one point, Ed did a quick head count to make sure we hadn't unintentionally lost anyone, and luckily we did not.

All children were returned to parents that appeared to know them.

SUCCESS! But for the record, I was totally lucky that the weather was nice and that half the boys were traveling over the long weekend. It was a bit ambitious to think I could entertain all of the first grade boys!



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  2. well done, I am sure that Connor is a hero in his class now (I had originally mispelled Connor's name)