Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Helen's Hair

A well-loved book at our home is Stephanie's Ponytail. For those not already familiar with Robert Munsch's book (a brilliant children's author, by the way), the basic story is that Stephanie creates a unique hairdo, all her classmates call her strange and then copy her, eventually her teachers start copying as well, and finally Stephanie tells them she's going to shave her head - and they all do, but she comes to school with her ponytail the next day.

Helen, apparently, has taken the text to heart, and had her babysitter create a crazy hairdo on her for a few morning. Her friends at school think it's hilarious (as do I), and she had lots of fun surprising them with it by popping her hat off. Not sure if she's trying to adopt the role of class clown or if she has other things on her mind. For now? It just makes me laugh.


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