Thursday, March 6, 2014

Family Date Night: Pinstripes!

I can hardly believe that the last Family Date Night recorded on these pages was our trip to Chuck-E-Cheese back in 2011. I'm pretty sure we've been on a family date night more recently than that, but I guess it wasn't worthy of recording.

Our most recent Family Date Night took us to Pinstripes. They just opened a franchise in DC (Georgetown), and it is full of fabulous. We ate some great food, tossed back some great drinks, the little people made pizzas, and we played a couple of games of bowling. On the night we were there, the bocce courts were full, but I have my eyes on a return trip to check those out.

First up? A lesson from the chef on how to make the perfect pizza.

First - press the ball of dough down around the edges of a well-floured board.

Next, press the ball down - and as you do this, the pizza dough ball turns into a flat, round pizza crust - no rolling pin required!

This turned out to be very serious business.

Next...add topping while your mama has a margarita!

Then go bowling while your mama eats a bunch of veggies.

Beat your mama at bowling.

Make sure your mama hasn't snuck off to the gorgeous bar upstairs.

 And finally, go back the party room and eat your pizza!

Dinner for everyone, no mess for mom, and enough stuff to do that the parents can actually have a conversation - or two - while the kids play games!

We'll be back, I'm sure.


Connor, Ed, Helen, and I were invited to check out Pinstripes a couple of weeks ago. We're absolutely planning to return with friends - and think it would be a great afternoon or evening outing. Ed's favorite part? The patio that overlooks the canal that has a fireplace. It's nice!

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