Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Politics - Not Neutral in My House

I know many people take pride in raising kids in a politically neutral home. I'm not one of them. I'm all about discussing the existence of God (some people think yes, some people think no), whether one should be a vegetarian or eat meat (most people eat meat - even Daddy, but I don't feel good about it), and all sorts of other tricky social topics. I'm not so open about who I'm voting for. I'll admit to having more of a my way or the highway approach to this topic. I figure I was raised in a Republican household with little discussion of Democrats and I became a Democrat. If my kids want to be Republicans, they'll have to work for it, too.

This is the last election related conversation I can remember having with Connor.

Connor: Why do you dislike Romney so much?
Elaine: Because Romney thinks he gets to decide when I have babies.
Connor: But that really doesn't matter much for you, since you've already made your decision. You just care about it for other women.
Elaine: Yes, Connor. I care about it for Helen and every other woman. Also, I believe in equal pay. President Obama thinks that women who are equally qualified who do the same job, ought to get paid the same as men. Mitt Romney doesn't agree.
Connor: Yeah, that's really important.
Ed, later: No need to mention to him that that's money right out of his own white, male pocket.
Elaine: Yes. He'll have to figure that part out on his own.
I voted weeks ago in early absentee.


  1. I love Ed's rejoinder. But hey, if C ends up in a heterosexual relationship, then his female partner will bring in more to balance it all out! Not so great if he swings the other way, wallet-wise.

  2. This post sums you up in a nutshell. LOVE it.