Monday, November 19, 2012

The Lost Art of Written Communication: Connor comes through with his teacher

I'm a big fan of written communication. I'm so much a fan, in fact, that I keep a stack of all-purpose cards at the desk in my downtown office and my home office, and keep a book of stamps in both places as well. That way, when a letter is called for, I'm not stymied by lack of supplies. I got this tip from a speech Randy Pausch gave - although I can't remember now if it's his lecture titled "Really Achieving Your Childhood Dreams" or "Time Management". Both are worth watching.

A few days ago, Connor made this card for his teacher. I had suggested he should thank her for the book she gave him and I heard him thank her at pick-up one day, but he zipped home the day of his surgery and got to work on the below.

"Dear Mrs. McFarland, Thank you for the fact tracker. I read it in about 1 hr. I[t] was very cool. you are the best teacher ever. Sincer[e]ly Connor"
He couriered it right into her the next day. I fell over from love.

But sometimes, I realize, one does not have stamps at her desk, and one cannot deliver the mail personally. And for that, Shutterfly has come up with a solution. Hop to your computer and make a personalized card. Let them know where to send it, and it'll be on its way. It's called a "Treat Card". If you send one today (November 19) or tomorrow (November 20), you can do it free with the code: TREATBLOGR. If you are related to my husband, you can whip one of these out to his dad for his birthday that was yesterday. If not, perhaps you could beat everyone with holiday cards this year, or surprise someone with a Thanksgiving note. While it won't include your personal signature, it will include your personal note.

I'm testing the service out with my own free card tomorrow. It'll be going to my, ahem, father-in-law, who didn't get a card from his son or grandchildren this year...yet!


Disclosure: I'm receiving 20 Treat Cards in exchange for posting this offer.


  1. I so desperately want to be better about sending cards. I have a big weakness for stationary and a huge stack of stationary and cards. I need to move them in to my home office where they will perhaps get more use !

  2. This is amazing! What a great idea. Having been the recipient of one of your handwritten notes I know how much they mean.