Saturday, November 3, 2012

Fall / Winter Crafts: Week 1 Needle-Felted Pumpkins

At the Fall Festival where Helen attends school, my mom saw some lovely needle-felted pumpkins. I'd been at handwork group the week these were made, and had received a brief tutorial on how to make them from the talented woman who made them. She brings so much to our school. We're lucky to have her!

As soon as my mom and I were able to steal a quiet moment during her visit a few weeks ago, we set to making our own pumpkins.

Step 1. Start with white wool roving and tie a knot. Tie more knots if you want a larger finished product.

Step 2. When you get the pumpkins the size you want, layer white wool roving on top and needle felt them until you get the size and shape you want.

Step 3. Cover with orange roving and needle felt it on top of that.

Step 4. Either use a string to make the ridges of the pumpkin, or spend some time felting in the lines (what my mom and I did).

Step 4. Needle-felt a small green / brown stem and when it looks just about right, add it to the pumpkin.

Not bad for our first try! It's almost given me the confidence to try and make some more complicated animals, which might show up in someone's Advent calendar this year, presuming I get that Advent calendar made!



  1. very cute, and so nice that you could do it with your Mom!

  2. I like that this seems like a craft I could even do.