Wednesday, November 7, 2012


Helen is definitely the style maven in our home. For the past few days, she's decided to up her game and add make-up.

On top of that, she's somewhat offended by the idea that there could be clothing in the house that fit her, but are not hers to wear. Because Helen regularly rejects Connor's hand-me-downs that don't have a print or stripe on them, I assumed she wouldn't want to wear his old puffy green coat. When she saw the coat sitting in my home office, she insisted she be allowed to wear it.

This is fine by me, of course. However, after slogging through one day with the coat on, Helen planted it firmly back in the "get rid of" pile. Apparently it doesn't meet her high fashion standards.


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  1. She and Ari must be kindred spirits. He is the clothes maven in our house!