Sunday, November 11, 2012

Science Sunday: Week 2

Let's face it, after last week's explosion, there is no possible thing we could have done today that would have been Science Sunday: Week 1's equal. No matter what I post, you will be disappointed. I'm sorry.

It wasn't as exciting, but we did have fun today.

This week's Science Sunday took up to the Museum of Natural History. Probably the thing I love most about living in DC is how easy it is to pop into a great museum, spend a couple of hours, and then dash out before fatigue sets in.

Today, we did see one exhibit particularly appropriate for our home. The sign on this bone told us we could tell this dinosaur was a fighter because of the broken bone that didn't heal quite right. It probably made the left arm of little use.

Yeah...I couldn't see it either. So much for science.

The update on Connor, as long as we're on the topic of broken bones, is that he continues to heal. If he weren't moving so much, his surgeon might have removed the sling, but because Connor is extremely active (despite my constant STOP!), he said to keep the sling on.

The pins in Connor's arm need to come out, and the only time the surgeon can do it is Thursday morning because that's when he has hospital time scheduled. Connor has a field trip to the Natural History Museum (full circle, eh?) Thursday morning that Ed is planning on accompanying him on. Connor was devastated by the news. He sobbed. The nurse is looking for another time. Please, oh please, let a new time come through. I'm tired of telling Connor he can't do things.



  1. That is such bad, bad timing for the pin removal. I'm really sorry and sad to hear that. I hope something else works out.

  2. Oh I hope they can find another time!