Thursday, November 1, 2012

Around the House: Week 1

Meet Pico.

Pico is a gnome who lives at our home. He sits quietly on a shelf all day long, but will often join us for dinner.

Pico has very sensitive ears, so it is extremely important that if you sit near him, you speak softly so as not to harm him.

Last weekend, Helen cleaned up his apartment a bit, which has led to her checking on him more regularly, to make sure he is comfortable.

A few days ago, I decided Pico must get a little lonely sitting all by himself during the day, so I made him a friend.

Even with a friend, Pico sits and makes not a single sound all day long in his very tidy apartment.

Oh, if only we could all live like that some days!



  1. If only children could be like that for one hour...2 hours tops! L

  2. He must be quite content at your house to be so quiet.

  3. These guys are very cute. Love their apartment.