Sunday, April 11, 2010

First Carousel Ride of the Season

Spring arrived a few weeks ago here, and with that came the first trip down to the mall to hit the Air and Space Museum (because Connor and I cannot debate enough about which objects hanging from the ceiling are airplanes, and which are rockets). I forgot the stroller (error) and as it turned out, could've parked A LOT closer than I did (also an error), but I am a firm believer in taking the first legal spot available within a few blocks of the desired goal, lest I find myself in some sort of DC parking vortex and miss out on the event we wanted to attend.

Connor and Helen had a ball on the carousel. I decided that Helen couldn't quite manage on the carousel with only Connor as her guide, so I rode along as well (that would be the third error). Now I remember that I prefer to meet Ed at the carousel so he can ride the rather speedy carousel and I can avoid getting dizzy.

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  1. I have never yet been to that carousel. Guess I better get on that!