Friday, April 23, 2010

Happy Month 30, Helen

Dear Helen,

Here it is, the official 2.5 mark. Just in time for you to be able to hold your first two fingers up in a "V" to announce your age. It takes more dexterity than I ever realized to keep those two smaller fingers down while the pointer and middle-man shoot upwards. After working on it for a few days though, you've got it pretty much mastered. Peace out, my little girl.

We've had glimpses of summer around here, and it just makes me excited about all the fun we're going to have. You love being outside, and if you can do it without wearing mittens, it's even better. Your favorite places on Earth are parks, and I suspect we'll be visiting a lot of them in the coming months.

It's difficult to discern whether you like cats or babies more. Luckily, we seem to be surrounded by babies these days, thanks to many friends giving birth in the past few months. You've been working hard on figuring out how to teach Baby Evelyn to crawl (she's 4 months after all, so it's about time, right?). You've been teaching Baby Grace at gymnastics how to stand up on her own, and you were quite pleased the day she actually did it after you showed her how. Whenever Juliet's mom shows up at playgroup without Baby James, you inquire about him, and you were thrilled the day he showed up at our house for our annual egg hunt. What a thrill!

You like to pretend you are a baby, and one day, when I got tired of the pretend crying that goes with the game, and I told you that you were not a baby you looked at me indignantly and said "I am a baby kangaroo!". Do you know what I love about baby kangaroos? They're quiet. Most assuredly, you are not a baby kangaroo.

While on our recent trip to Florida, you insisted on having me point out your letter "H" and then spent all of our travels pointing them out on your own. Yesterday, I had a "Chiefs" sweatshirt on and there you were, pointing out your letter. This impresses many people, though I tend to think it's not a very useful skill. But it excites you, and I love observing things that make you happy.

You discovered the joy of the life vest, and paddled the entire length of the pool - and back. You were so excited to be "swimming" on your own. At one point, I looked at you and said "two year olds can't swim" and you replied "Oh yes they can!". Now that's a good attitude. And we have decided to institute Friday swim night because after you big adventure you slept over 12 hours. I had to wake you up to go to gymnastics the next morning. That's a good night's sleep!

Don't ever let anyone tell you you're two, my friend, because then you might not be able to do all the things your brother does. This month, you climbed to the top of this bizarre spider-web thing at a playground. This was difficult for your dad to watch. He kept trying to position himself so that you wouldn't realize he was helping you, but that he'd catch you if you fell. I'm happy to report, you made it to the top, and down. You didn't fall until your second trip down, when I think you got a little cocky about your new found climbing skills. Lesson learned. That's what the mulch is for.

You also participated in a drama class for 4-6 year olds. Your dad was busy with a home energy auditor, so you tagged along with me and Connor. Luckily, the teacher was super nice, and she let you participate in the class. You played along so well, performing your lines just like the other (older) children that at the end of class, Miss Hannah said you could be in her class if you wanted, even though you were only two. I have a feeling you would love this, but my heart tells me it's better to wait to do these things, so we won't be taking the class.

You love it whenever you get to hang with Connor's friends. One day, we called one of his friends to play and she couldn't come over. You burst into tears and announced you were very sad.

You have a special place in your heart for Grandpa Dick, and you were very excited to see him in Key West. Yesterday, you announced you had gone skiing and were ready to go with Dick next year. I'm sure he'll be excited to hear this.

You are indignant; you are stubborn; you are cute. But most of all, you are my baby.


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