Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Being Sweet Points

I don't know what it is about my family and gifts from Ed's family and leaving them in the airport, but it happened again. This time, Ed was hoping to get lucky on his flight back from Key West with Connor. The second leg of their three leg flight was nearly sold out, so Ed volunteered to be put on an alternate flight, which conveniently would've made their 3 leg trip a 2 leg trip. In the process, Connor's blue bunny that he received from Grandma Lynn a few days earlier got left at the desk. And, naturally, Ed and Connor didn't end up getting bumped, and just as the plane pulled away from the gate, Connor remembered the bunny.

When they arrived at their next location, Connor purchased a new item and after doing that, called me. He told me his story, and then he wanted to talk to Helen. He repeated his story to her and she responded with the following two sentences:

"That's OK if you lost your blue bunny, Connor. You can share my pink bunny with me!"

And that is why Helen is quite possibly the sweetest child on earth some days.


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