Friday, April 30, 2010

Happy Month 56, Connor

Dear Connor,

A couple of weeks ago, you flipped another month on the ol' timeline of life. Somehow, the update never happened. But now, your grandparents are in town and both of them have already asked me if time stood still this past month or if you aged. So, while you're away at school, and Helen is busy running Grandma Carlene and Grandpa Rodney or Grandpa Rod (she told me she was still trying to decide what she would call him this visit) ragged, I figured I would take the time to remind myself what a fantastic person you are.

I attended the movie Babies (FREE! A perk of blogging over at DCMetroMoms) on Wednesday night and do you know who sat in front of me? Erin. The fabulous woman who caught you, reassured me during your birth that things were moving along fine, and most of all, never let on that having a placenta take over an hour to come out is a bit out of the ordinary. As your dad and I sat marveling at this new human in our life, she and our birth assistant Audrey sat upstairs and started going over the procedures for manual extraction, and the whole time your dad and I had no idea anything might be wrong. Your dad even offered to cook breakfast but Erin very calmly told him perhaps we should get this placenta out first. It came out. On it's own. No manual extraction necessary. And only then did Erin tell us what she and Audrey had been talking about and worrying about a bit. I'm really grateful for the way she handled the whole thing. In any case, Erin asked me how you were and I smiled and told her "I love four".

I love the way you embrace everything in life. You were a trooper when it came to flying to Key West with your dad. At first you were a little bent that we weren't flying together, but you and dad had a grand time. You modeled beeswax, read books, ate snacks, and played lots of games. I don't think you ever slept you were having so much fun. When Helen and I arrived at Key West, you and Daddy were sharing lunch at a restaurant by the beach. You had already been swimming a bit and played in the sand.

You even enjoyed seeing Mike and Sima get married, sitting between Grandpa Dick and Grandma Lynn. You did, however, wonder how Grandma Lynn got to Key West, since previously I had told you she didn't fly. You extracted a promise from her that she might come visit us this summer in Arlington.

You were delighted to cruise around Key West on the back of Daddy's bike. You asked to ride on my bike but I do not think I could pedal far with you in tow. It was hard enough biking around with Helen back there.

You had a ton of fun at our annual egg hunt. You enjoyed hiding the eggs, finding the eggs, and eating the goods out of the eggs. You also enjoyed letting all the children know they could leave their plastic eggs behind if they didn't want them, and we would use them next year. You had them fill up a wheelbarrow with them so you could tote them around a bit.

You love our new rain barrel. And I love it too, because now when you want to play with water, you turn that spigot on instead of the regular one, and know that you need only hold the hose up high to get the water to stop. It's a good system.

You pretend to take an interest in Connor Baby, but that's only because Helen has decided she loves him/her.

You somehow managed to pick up a skink and drop it in your wheelbarrow. When I discovered this, you happily wheeled him around the yard looking for a new home for it. Once you released it, though, you kept right on playing with it. Ugh.

You love to climb and rarely find yourself intimidated by playground equipment. You also love to run, jump, paint, argue, point out "I already knew that because...", and cook.

Busy, busy we are these days.


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