Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The reason manufacturers might consider anatomically correct dolls

Helen clearly knows the difference between a boy and girl. She's a girl, I'm a girl, Daddy and Connor are boys. She extends this knowledge to anyone I've ever asked her about. Except her dolls. Every one of them is a girl. This includes a doll that Grandma Lynn gave to Connor when I was pregnant with Helen, or right after Helen's birth. The doll has a baseball cap and is dressed in blue, the typical outward signs of maleness in children's toys. It is named Connor Baby, a name that originates from us calling it "Connor's Baby" and Helen shortening it slightly when she claimed the baby as her own.

Connor "Helen, Connor Baby is not a girl. He is a boy."
Helen "No she's not. She's a girl."
Connor "It's my doll that Grandma gave to me. It is a boy."
Helen looked right at Connor, removed Connor Baby's clothes, pointed to the downtown parts and said confidently. "No penis. Connor Baby is a girl."


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