Thursday, April 2, 2009

Let's Play

Connor and David are the "book ends" for the birthdays in my mom's group. And I'm so glad, because if the group were any younger, Connor wouldn't be included - and if the group were older, David wouldn't be included, and that would be just sad, because watching these two kids play together is really fun.

On his first visit to our new house a couple of weeks ago, Connor and David acted like they'd played together a million times (which sadly, is not the case). Probably the most interesting thing for me to watch was how the boys went into the greenhouse and decided to fly it. They both found window cranks and set out on their trip to Africa or Alaska - depending on who you asked. I often think of Connor as a problem solver, but he's got nothing on David. Faced with Connor pulling rank and choosing the easy to get to hand crank, David simply climbed onto a couple of shelves to reach the other window crank. Dude was not at all phased, and in the process, Helen learned where she could crank the window if Connor was hogging the other one.

David also introduced Connor to some race car concepts and fire fighters, which have made several repeat appearances since their visit. I think we're all looking forward to the next visit!


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