Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Project People

Ed and I used to be considered "project people" by our friends. We'd decide to put in a shelf that was needed, install an overhead light, fix a leaky toilet, install a tile floor - really, whatever needed to be done (though we eventually learned to leave plumbing and electrical work to professionals). We'd kick off these projects and usually finish them pretty quickly.

Once children came into the picture, it was harder to be project people. We don't tend to take on tasks that aren't absolutely necessary, and we keep the projects small in scope. We definitely avoid unnecessary work, though Ed and I sometimes disagree on what is and what is not necessary.

Our new house is loaded with blue paint. I hate blue paint. But, it's not like the blue paint was peeling, or particularly dirty, or there was really any problem with it. But, there was an air conditioner installed in the wall. And once we had central air conditioning installed, we no longer needed the wall unit - and that meant we could call our now favorite drywall dude and ask him to remove the AC and put a wall back in. And behind him he left an enormous white spot, where there was freshly primed drywall - and that meant we needed to paint. The first of the blue rooms has been converted to a much more neutral beige. And we did it in a weekend...with a little help.

Helen deemed the work good.


  1. I love Helen's "Bob the Builder" look.

  2. Yes, we were project people in our former lives as well. I used to consider myself quite handy at minor electricty things. In our old neighborhood we were known as "that young couple on the corner who work in their yard all weekend."