Saturday, April 11, 2009

First Haircut

I never documented Connor's first haircut while it was happening. In part, I was somewhat terrified that it wouldn't go well (which thankfully was a misplaced fear). And I do not have high standards for events such as these. I consider anything that doesn't end in massive amounts of tears or bloodshed a success.

Connor, per usual, hopped up on the chair when it was his turn and gave Annie his instructions.

"I think I'm ready for a buzzcut."

Annie looked up at me with surprise and I shook my head and told her he'd have the usual. Because, uh, yeah, Ed might think telling Connor about buzzcuts is funny, but I love Connor's curls, and I know it's only a matter of time before he no longer loves his curls, and that time will most definitely come sooner for Connor than for me. So at least for now, they're staying.

Throughout Connor's haircut, Helen kept climbing over every other barber chair in the shop that did not have someone in it to test them out - showing us all she was totally ready to have her own hair cut. She actually can hoist herself up unassisted, which surprised me and every other mommy in the joint. When it was her turn, Helen happily toddled up to Annie's chair, but then had a moment of hesitation when Annie handed her a toy to look at and put the cape around her. But there's was no looking back now.

And with that, I give you...the haircut.

Note, Annie's expertly placed hand to keep Helen's head in place while the cutting began.

Then the instruction to lean her head down a bit, which could have resulted in a tumble off the chair but did not.

Close-up of hair - note how close the scissors are to Helen's head. At this point, Connor is jumping all around me saying "Pick me up so I can see better". And I'm all "go eat another lollipop, or some more popcorn, I've got some photographs to take".

And then Annie stepped back and told Helen she was beautiful, and Helen is clearly relieved that she has made it through her FIRST EVER HAIRCUT!



  1. May every cut be as successful as the first.

  2. So freakin cute! I think the little kids in those big chairs are quite a sight.