Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Ask me how great I feel!

OK - I'll give you a few clues.

This morning, I woke up before anyone shorter than me did. I took a shower - all by myself. When Connor finally woke up, he went into the kitchen and helped himself to a granola bar while I finished getting ready for the day.

Helen then woke up, and used the potty, meaning I had 1 fewer diapers to change today.

Connor and Helen played nicely while I prepared breakfast and Ed got the lunches together. They then sat down, ate, and seemed pretty happy.

About halfway through breakfast, Connor asked me a question about Obama, and only then did I realize - he had just read the caption on the front page of the Washington Post while I was reading the inside. That's right folks, at just over 3.5 years, Connor has begun to read.

I just had to record this great day. And wish everyone a Happy April Fool's Day!



  1. I can totally believe every single line in that post, though. Except for maybe the waking up before the little people.

  2. it was fun while it lasted, huh? ;-)

  3. oh my gosh, you totallyhad me going.

  4. you got me too, but knowing your clever children.. this could have been the true

  5. Um, I was believing it too, because it wasn't THAT unbelievable. Especially the Connor reading part. Man, that was good.

  6. Got me...I was trying to figure out what breakfast foods I could leave out that the kids could get without me.