Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Anyone else nervous about swine flu?

In my house, I am the designated worrier - which is a little odd since I don't worry about that many things. Which I guess means a lot of things that should be worried about around here just don't get worried about. Maybe my mom takes care of the worrying, or my sister. I have no idea.

Per usual, Ed is reserving judgment on the swine flu. I'm wondering how I can stockpile supplies without Ed noticing, just in case we have to hunker down. Seems as if Connor is on my side on this one.


  1. You know, I'm not worried at all about the swine flu. But economic and environmental apocalypses? Those I worry about.

    To each their own, right?

  2. Right NOW I'm worried about Swine Flu. Teo has a small cough and a medium-sized cold. And we were in Queens last Saturday!

  3. Now I'm worried. What a difference 24 hours makes.