Tuesday, November 8, 2005


Today we voted for a new Governor. There are two fairly unique things about governors here. First, as soon as the governor is elected, he will become a lame duck because one term limit. Smart, eh? Second, we elect governors in odd years, I guess because we like the idea of having incredibly low voter turn out. Connor received two "future voter" stickers, and the governor candidate we voted for won (and I can rarely say that candidates I voted for won, so this is pretty exciting). Maybe Connor is good luck. However, as of this writing, the Lieutenant Governor has still not been decided, and we could have a situation with a democrat governor and a republican lieutenant. Nice, eh?

Amazing things Connor can do as of the past few days: bat at toys, smile in response to a smile, stick his tongue out in response to someone sticking their tongue out at him (thanks Ed, for teaching him this one), hold his head pretty still - though I wouldn't rate it perfect head control just yet.

Two images for today's post. One where he's hanging out in the laundry basket while I transfer his wet clothes from the washer to the dryer - one where he's hanging out on the couch and looking pretty big.


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