Sunday, November 27, 2005

Happy (belated) Thanksgiving

We're back in DC - and I can happily report that Connor was a champ on all of our flights. Connor got to enjoy the pleasure of rocking with Pappy from 5:00 - 5:30 one morning (thank you Dad!) after I fed him. The night before, the greatest miracle happened. I fed Connor, dropped him back in his bed, and then he woke up, but fell back to sleep! This skill was immediately forgotten the next day, which is why Connor got to enjoy the rocking chair. The photo above was taken earlier in the day when my dad and all of his grandkids were enjoying said chair.

Ed and I got a taste of what it's like to have older children when hanging out with my sister's kids. If you ever wondered why Ed had a slight preference for a boy, I think this photo clears it all up. (Emily is in the photo, Anna was the photographer.) Later that night, Ed got to enjoy two birthday cakes made in the Easy Bake oven by Anna and Emily the night before. He shared with everyone else and they were delicious! We think Anna and Emily should keep the cakes coming and hope they make one for Connor's birthday in August when he will finally get to know the joy of chocolate. Did I mention what a tragedy I think it is that he has to wait this long to eat my favorite food?

And man, Connor, you have become the drooling champion - taking our old game of spit bubble to a whole new level! It's really quite impressive. Don't worry though, your grandparents still adore you as much as they always have. I have to tell you though, that your late night antics aren't gaining you any friends in this household. Your dad, was a little annoyed one night when he walked around with you for an hour and you wouldn't go to sleep even though you had just had an enormous meal with Mims. Luckily, you went to sleep almost immediately when I took over so you were still tops in my book. Of course, it would be premature for me to claim victory since that pattern was reversed tonight when Daddy had to step in to get you to sleep after I had been trying for about an hour. It's soon as we think we have you figured out, you change. That's what keeps life interesting, I suppose. And don't worry, both your dad and I still think you are the cutest little guy ever and can't wait to see what you suprise us with each day.


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