Thursday, November 17, 2005


Connor took his first flight today. And thankfully, all was well. He ate a little, played a little, and slept a little. I was pretty happy that Ed and I were seated together because when Connor was eating, he was laying down and kicking pretty good, and his legs are just long enough to reach the person in the seat next to him.

After the flight, we waited for our luggage for a long time (that's what the photo shows), and then we all went to the hotel, grabbed dinner at a neighborhood restaurant, and at 9:30, passed out. It was clearly an exhausting day. Connor skipped his midnight feeding (thank you!), and didn't get Ed up too early so Ed was able to sound intelligent when he was talking at the conference (or so other attendees reported).

Earlier in the day, Connor tried on a sweater I made for him. It's still a bit too big - which is better than discovering it's too small.

Also, we tried on the hat that Aunt Linda sent to Connor when she found out I was pregnant. She also sent a pair of socks, presuming that if he had a hat and socks, everything would be fine. As you can see, Connor is totally ready for the beach!


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