Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Sleep, who needs it?

For the past few nights, Connor has been trying to teach Ed and I how little sleep one actually needs to be able to function the next day. For example, I now know it is possible to wake up every two hours and stay awake for 30 minutes each time, a feat that I never even attempted before. Even in college, I pulled exactly one "all-nighter", and that was in grad school - and it was a big mistake. I suppose it's only fair since he allowed us to have so much sleep in the early weeks. Let's just say that Ed and I are seriously hoping this phase ends very quickly, because we're not sure how long we can take this.

Today, however, was a great day and nearly made up for last night. As the photo shows, he is now able to hold his head up and look around a bit while on his tummy. He also went on a car ride without crying (YAY!), and while I sat and had a cup of hot cocoa, he hung out in his car seat and actually played with his beloved cube. He was holding it, shaking it, chewing on it - pretty much enjoying his whole repertoire of activities. He was very cute. Unfortunately, no photos of the great event because the camera was at home - doh!

Tomorrow, I'll be back at work again and fear that my new lack of sleep may be a bit more difficult to deal with than it is when I'm hanging out with Connor. After all, he doesn't mind when I repeat myself and his books are pretty easy to read. Guess only time will tell. Cross your fingers for me that he sleeps at least a little bit longer tonight.


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