Monday, December 5, 2005

And he also has feet!

Connor has become increasingly enamored with his fists - and can reliably get at least one of them, and sometimes both in his mouth. It's a real joy when he manages to get both fists up there at once. It's almost as if one is just not enough. And twice yesterday, I noticed him eyeing his feet - as if he was also impressed with them - though they haven't come near his mouth yet.

He has also learned to make this fairly annoying bleating noise, which I hope he forgets about soon. There Ed was, walking around the basement with Connor to put him to sleep, and all I could hear upstairs was bleat...bleat...bleat. He also makes this noise when he's nursing and the milk isn't coming fast enough, though in these cases, it often becomes more of a groan. It's as if he's saying come on man...send the creamy stuff to me...NOW! Woody Guthrie sings a children's song "I want my milk, and I want it now" and he must have been singing about someone just like Connor.

You can also see that Connor got some new duds. He sort of looks like he's been to a Grateful Dead concert. Power to the babies!


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