Friday, December 30, 2005

Happy New Year - Almost!

Well, Christmas came and went at the Harris household. Unfortunately, I spent Christmas day with a terrible bout of mastitis which meant that Connor got to enjoy the day drinking only from bottles (which he didn't tire of until December 27 when he decided he was no longer going to drink from a bottle) and hanging out with his dad. I was in so much pain that I was basically unable to hold my little man for much time at all and breastfeeding him was impossible. So, I can't report that this was a very magical first Christmas - at least not from my point of view. Connor did, however, receive a little jingly man that he really likes, along with several other nice gifts from friends and family. I'm sure all of them will be put to good use in the coming months. Connor now actually has enough clothing that I don't think I need to be frantic about making sure his laundry gets done at least weekly - if not twice weekly - and that's certainly nice.

My mastitis cleared up enough that I was finally able to nurse Connor again the morning of the 27th, and things have continued to go well since then. I am no longer in pain, and Connor seems to be happy to be back to his sometimes bottle, sometimes Mommy feeding schedule. This morning, he was set to enjoy bananas for the third time, but Ed decided to eat the whole banana without thinking about Connor. I mean, come on, Dad - can't you save a one inch piece of a banana for the little guy who did give you an extra hour of sleep this morning?

On Wednesday night, Connor slept from 9:00 - 3:30 AM, which pretty much made him a rock star and last night was also good, though I don't remember how long he slept before he woke up. He did decide to sleep with his arms fully outstretched which I guess means he wants a full third of the bed to be exclusively his rather than getting a smaller share. Can't say I blame him. Of course, if he would sleep in his own bed he could have the whole thing - but that's not a priority for him right now.

Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas! We're looking forward to ringing in the New Year at our friend's annual champagne tasting. And...the big news is that this year, I can actually drink some of the champagne unlike last year when I had to watch as others enjoyed the good libations and I got to be the designated driver.


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