Saturday, December 10, 2005

A New Toy

Connor has discovered that his daddy wears glasses – and it’s a really great game to remove those glasses. Of course, sometimes the glasses get caught on Daddy’s ears, and then it’s a really frustrating game. This hasn’t happened too often yet, but I witnessed what can only be described as joy on Connor’s face this evening when he was playing his new game and succeeded in capturing the glasses.

Today we attended the annual cookie brunch at Krisi’s – and Connor was a total champ! He met several women and enjoyed testing out their laps. All met the basic criteria of being completely lovely to hang out in. Hopefully we’ll have more opportunities to test them in the near future. Tomorrow we’re going caroling with Chris which should be quite a bit of fun. Ed is going to be in charge of stirring the chili while the rest of us trespass on the neighbor’s property and greet them with our voices (how Ed describes it, anyway).

Hope you’re all enjoying the season! Ed is happy there’s snow, though it does mean less outside time for our little guy. He does, however, have a proper hat, as you can see, should be lucky enough to get outside.


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