Monday, December 12, 2005

Happy Four Month Birthday!

Dear Connor,

Today, you are four months old. And it's amazing all of the things you've learned to do in the last month. I'm trying to record them all, but a Mom can only type so fast! You have learned to put not just one, but both of your fists in your mouth. You have been eyeing your toes lately, and I expect they'll be in your mouth very soon. Lately, you've been the drool king - and last night, a mom of a two month old saw your drool and was amazed!

You are still gaining fan club members right and left. You are, after all, the most adorable baby ever. Definitely what you lack in sleep and car rides, you make up for in cute. You now listen very intently to some of your favorite books, and you can play - I mean actually PLAY with a few toys! Your beloved cube has been in your mouth, been dropped on the floor, shaken, and even bonked you on the head. Not sure how smart that last one is, but you don't seem to mind. It does make the cube jingle which is sort of exciting. You can now hang out in your swing for almost half of dinner - so I'm trying really hard to remember to eat the messy stuff FIRST, so you have less of it end up in your lap when I drop stuff on you. And man Connor, you own that piano bouncy seat. Aunt Linda doesn't need to worry about the musical genius in you! As long as the seat is on motion, you know just what to do to get the tunes going. Daddy and I had this brilliant idea that we could put it on a different setting tonight and you might enjoy that, but you actually CRIED instantly when you shook and nothing happened. I promise we won't try that again for a while!

And...most amazing of all, you celebrated turning four months old by rolling onto your tummy last night. You were swaddled with one arm out, and when you woke up to let me know you wanted to be moved from the co-sleeper into bed next to me, you were on your tummy! You chose not to repeat this feat in the daylight, but perhaps you'll hone think skill under the cover of night.

You have yet to be enamored with the car. Really Connor - BABIES LIKE THE CAR! And you're not so into sleeping by yourself, though you have started to sleep for a few hours each night on your own because frankly, even you can't stay up until 11:00 each night when your daddy and I go to bed. I gotta warn you, Daddy's reading a book on sleep and he says we're getting tough in the new year - so you got one more month of having the softest parents in the world.

You are an absolute champ at standing supported - everyone who sees this remarks on what strong legs you have, and you seem to love sitting up rather than lying on the floor, though you still have to be supported. I think this might be because you have a better view of the television. You open and shut your mouth in tandem with mine when you watch me eat, and a couple of times you have purposefully pulled your daddy's glasses off! Now that, my friend, is not a good idea because your daddy can't see very well at all. Of course, if you're doing it so you can pull a fast one, maybe it's a pretty good idea. Today, you discovered my hair for only the second time and wow is your grip a good one.

Last night, you were cooing at your daddy and I swear you said "hi" to him. It was absolutely the cutest thing ever. OK, almost everything you do is the cutest thing ever, so I guess this is more accurately among the cuter things you've done. You can still belch like a man and on occasion still wake yourself up when you pass gas. What a little man you are.

You are the love of my life and of daddy's, and we can't wait to see what you suprise us with next month!


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