Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Order Restored

Well, it's back to days with Mom for Connor. He survived Thursday, Friday, and then Monday and Tuesday with Dad. All appeared to go well. In fact, the photo above is me trying to capture the smug look on Ed's face as he announced he got Connor to sleep.

Big things have been happening here. Last night, Connor spent the whole night in his own bed - which means although I got up a few times with him, he wasn't nested in my armpit the whole night so that my sleep was much sounder. What is it about my armpit? I have no idea, but even though he has no ability to move during the day, he can inch his way about a foot away from me to my armpit so that he can snuggle up there and sleep when he's next to me in bed. I'm happy to report that he does not have this same affinity for Ed's armpit - and frankly I agree with him. Anyway, he didn't seem to mind sleeping in his own bed, but I sort of missed the little guy. I know - complain about him being in the bed, be sad about him being out of the bed. Can't win sometimes.

Connor's enjoying pulling up with assistance to a sitting position, and then sometimes springing up to a supported standing position. It's unbelievably cute - and I know all parents say that about their kid, but it's TOTALLY TRUE with mine!

We went to Mommy and Me yoga today and about halfway through the class he sucked on my finger and totally passed out on his mat. I felt really bad disturbing his sleep when class ended. He seemed to get over it.

Connor is also trying to figure out what I'm doing when I put that colorful stuff in my mouth. Two nights ago he watched me eat a meal very intent on figuring out what was going on. I told him that eating worked better when one had teeth, but his eyes seemed to indicate he was ready to go for it. Of course, it'll be at least another month before he sees solid food and up to three more months. Hopefully his studies will pay off for him when the time comes.

We're getting on a plane bound for Miami tomorrow. Ed is attending a work conference and I couldn't resist the opportunity to take Connor to the beach.


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