Thursday, January 28, 2016

Pinewood Derby - Year 5

Connor ended his pinewood derby career last Saturday night. In first grade, he had the fastest car in his group and in third and fourth grade he had the best looking car in the larger pack. This year, he was gunning for best looking car again, and he came close.

His space shuttle received second place and a medal, which he loved. First place was a hotdog.

I think my favorite car was the shark he made for fourth grade. Two other boys came with sharks this year, perhaps inspired by his car from last year.

I missed the event entirely. Helen had a yoga event with her girl scout troop, and rather than being the one hour class I expected, it was at least an hour and a half. I arrived just as things were wrapping up. On the bright side, that meant the event ran more smoothly than in past years. On the downside, I have no photos to commemorate the actual running of the car.

From first to fifth - bus to shuttle.
As each event passes, Ed ticks off one more "last thing" as his two years of leading the boys comes to an end. Connor has told me he's enjoyed having Ed lead the group, although he realizes it might be at least a little fun to have someone else lead the group since he could be naughtier then!


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