Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Goal Met!

Helen went door to door peddling her sugar discs. Pretty much every door she knocked on had a willing buy on the other side. At first, her goal was to sell 75 boxes and get a charm bracelet. But after she did that, she set her sights on 115 boxes in order to score a stuffed animal. And she succeeded!

We did have to make a few last minute drives to homes where I knew there were no girl scouts in order to get those last few sales in. But she happily ran up the driveway with Connor by her side. I went to a few houses with her and we learned that one of our neighbors was the top seller every year for her troop and another neighbor had met an ORIGINAL girl scout. I'm looking forward to helping Helen deliver boxes to that man, because I'd love to hear more of his stories.

The incentives definitely motivated Helen - and they also resulted in perhaps my proudest parenting moment yet. Faced with a math error that left Helen one box short, without hesitation Connor chimed in that he would buy one more box from Helen. Connor likes his money, so this was a big deal.

I'm already curious about whether the girls will get to opt into prizes or not next year. But for now, I'll call this a sale successfully ended!


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