Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Favorite Running Photos

I ran about 1,400 miles in 2015. I ran almost all of those miles with friends, several of whom I started running with during the year. My first run with my current running partners was to go see the Cherry Blossoms - and that resulted in one of my all-time favorite running photos (upper right hand corner in front of the Lincoln). To my eye, we look like Charlie's Angels (a show I used to watch in my piano teacher's basement during my sister's lesson).

Another favorite from last year was our Christmas lights run, which we set off early to do in hopes that a few of the DC trees would still be lit. The sun was rising over the Washington monument, which inspired one of the many "jumpie" photos we took over the course of the year. For whatever reason, my timing is terrible - and I probably don't jump that high, I am regularly not in sync with the other jumpers. But on this day, I nailed it, and the photo totally makes me smile because of the memories that it holds.

That's me on the far right with my belly hanging out!
And finally, possibly my favorite of them all is one we took with Albert Einstein on Courtney's last long run. I miss her, still. But I can't find the photo - so I'll have to just remember it for now.


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