Friday, January 8, 2016


I'm not exactly certain how it started, but at some point, Helen decided she loved roller skating. So much so, that we went to the local middle school gym on Saturday night, which hosts a skate night throughout the winter. Unfortunately for her, that love of skating did not translate into the speedster in the rink she fancied herself. But the numerous knocks to her tush as she hit the ground that night did not result in her fondness fading. In fact, it only inspired her to figure the sport out. (And kudos to her friend, who was falling - hard - all over the place and just kept telling Helen - let go of your mom's hand! It's OK to fall! That's how we'll figure it out! - Note to the universe, I want to emulate whatever is happening at that house, because it's something good!)

Since our skating adventure, I've been letting Helen cruise around on the basement carpet and the kitchen linoleum - two surfaces that are smooth and slow - and she's been somehow convincing her friends to join her when they come for playdates. Knock on wood, I have not had to call any parents to let them know the kitchen counter and their daughter's head had a meeting. I did have one mother pick her daughter up and exclaim that next time, she'd be sure her daughter had wrist guards, elbow pads, and her helmet. This mom is clearly better at the safety side of parenting than I am.

For Christmas, Ed's mom gave Helen and Connor each a pair of roller blades. After seeing mine (circa 1994 - when I was a nanny for the summer! - why did I keep them so long, I do not know), the kids decided they must be easier than the traditional skates. And finally, last week, Helen made a triumphant roll from our house, down the street, around the corner to the end of the block, and back. She wanted to cruise around the entire block, but I reminder her that hills were probably not her friend.

The verdict? She loves them!  Thank you, Grandma Lynn!


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