Monday, January 11, 2016

New Year's Resolutions

Helen was asked to come up with some resolutions for the year, as well as answer a few questions about the coming year.

Not shown in the photo below, but my favorite of her resolutions was to learn to bake chocolate chip cookies. I remember a friend of mine knew the recipe for cookies so well, she could whip up a batch without even consulting the cookbook. What I can't remember is exactly how old we were. But, 2nd grade seems as good of time as any to learn this basic skill, so we set to work on it last night.

The first batch was greeted with smiles, though this is something we plan to do many more times. Helen was able to do everything except whisk the melted butter and sugar together and take the cookies out of the oven. Next time, I'm hoping she masters the first, but I'm not really ready for her to master the second.

More fun - she's looking forward birthday! Cool! Maybe that's what she wants to learn to make cookies for? Maybe she's looking forward to me being gone? (My oldest niece graduates from high school on MAY 17!)

And she wants to try lemon? This makes no sense. But she knocked it off at Faccia Luna on Saturday night when neither Ed nor I were inspired to cook. She told me she wanted to try something else, but when I told her she had written lemon on  her form, she asked me to pass the lemon, and took a bite.

She's been talking about "Kung Fu Panda", which is one of the many movies I know nothing about, so this one made a lot of sense to me. I think she watched the first movie on New Year's Eve, so hopefully the library will have the third at some point so she can watch it, too.

Things she wants to learn? Perhaps she ought to add spelling to her list. (Actually, she's a great speller, but seems to have missed the mark on this worksheet.). She wants to learn multiplication so she can play Math Dice with Connor, I suspect.

And finally - her travel plans are pretty impressive. We'll hit Prague and Vienna this summer. But we're all going to need to be a little older to travel to Africa or China. Maybe a friend of mine will move there (or back, as would be the case with China) so we can get to one of these places in the next couple of years.

Happy New Year, Helen!


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