Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Science Fair

Helen and  Connor have been out of school since a week ago last Thursday (12 days!). We got a couple of inches of snow, the streets promptly turned into icy parking lots, and Arlington threw in the towel. Then came two feet of snow and we are just not capable of dealing with that.

I was determined to knock at least a few projects off our to-do list, and science fair bubbled to the top. Helen decided to see what would melt snow the fastest - bringing  it into our home,  bringing it into our home and putting chili pepper on it, or salting it.

It was actually pretty cool watching the plain snow and the chili powder snow shrink while the salted snow was turning into water. Perhaps there's a lesson in there for Arlington.

Connor built a popsicle stick bridge. He studied two different kinds of support systems and a few nights ago, we had the big test.

All good...
...all is not so good.

The lesson I learned from  Connor's experiment? I am super grateful that my Odyssey of the Mind team  did not choose the balsa wood challenge -  because I'm not ready for another building project that will have its success defined by how much weight it holds!


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