Monday, February 15, 2016

So cold...

We have hit what I am hoping is the last cold stretch of the season. It was so cold this weekend that we decided to cancel a mini-ski break we had planned. Around here, runs are small, so the ratio of "on the lift chair" to "on the ski slopes" can be pretty bad. And having icy cold wind whipping around doesn't make that ratio any more tenable.

Instead, we headed out to Cub Run - a rec center we haven't been to in years. We discovered now that Connor and Helen are competent swimmers, as are many of their friends, they can snag a friend and Ed and I can swim laps (Ed) and hang out in the hot tub (both of us). Helen and her friend would've stayed even longer than we did, but Connor and Ed had plans to hit a basketball game and Connor's friend was ready to go when Connor left.

We remembered the days of Connor walking cautiously into the water, figuring out the little slides, and having to pull him out of the water with blue lips. I miss that little guy.

But I don't miss having to chase that little guy around in the relatively cold water!


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