Monday, February 29, 2016

Helen's Conference

Because not all days at school are good days, I figured I ought to record what happened at Helen's conference. Before we could be seated, Helen's teacher said "I just have to remark before we get started that you have the two nicest children. Connor and Helen both are such a delight to have in class." and then she went on to talk more about Helen.

Helen's conferences are very easy because they are full of statements about what a joy she is to have in class. Helen is a "teacher pleaser" so she pretty much does exactly what she's asked to do when she's asked to do it. The only time she really made a stink about anything, was when she wrote a request in her Christmas card to her teacher to please be moved to a new seat. She accompanied that request with a box of homemade chocolates. Her reasoning in that card could not be beat. She told the teacher she was "having trouble learning". (Her teacher had already created a new seating chart before receiving the card, which included moving just about every child. Helen was thrilled, of course.)

Helen maintains her spot in the highest spelling group and I sense her only small annoyance about this is that there are two other children with her. Connor, in contrast, was in his own spelling group for almost the entire year - and we used to chide him that a group is more than one. Helen is pleased that she is the only girl in her spelling group, and she does work hard to learn her new words each week. The teacher has also implemented some writing options, rather than the dreaded 'word pictures', which suits Helen well. Last week, she used her vocabulary words to write a note to her teacher, which I will have to post at some point because it was pretty funny.


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